FIRE Fighting Rocket Launcher Truck




Satellite Data Analysis System

The real-time data analysis system of the remote sensing satellite can realize the fastest data updating with 15 minutes for the monitored area. The resolution of satellite images can meet the sub-meter level, so that the range of fire and its accurate position coordinates can be quickly acquired.

Forest Fire Monitoring

Forest Fire Monitoring Image

First Generation

The ground artificial patrol
In sparsely inhabited in the remote mountainous area, traffic inconvenience, the human eye visual range is limited, low coverage
The construction of watchtowers
Outlook is a kind of relying on experience in outlook to the method of observation, disadvantages:
Personnel experience and effort decision accuracy.
Lookout member safety threatened (such as lightning, wild animals, forest encephalitis).

Second Generation

Video monitoring system is established
Will capture video image by microwave summary, completed by artificial centralized monitoring;
Artificial monitor is easy to cause eye fatigue, the fire is not easy in the video is
Video line is more, artificial monitoring can monitor the one by one
The bad: high non-response rates
Video monitoring system is established
Intelligent image recognition technology, geographic information system, large network monitoring technology, such as technology, realize the automatic monitoring of forest video, fireworks recognition and fire location.
The bad: high rate of false positives

Third Generation

Thermal imaging technology and the dual combination of visible light to forest fire prevention system
Uncooled infrared detector
14 digital image
Lead fire intelligent analysis system
Smart yuntai video monitoring system
Found that the temperature anomaly can be more accurate and timely, a fire alarm.And will be at the scene of the fire alarm immediately transfer cloud computing center, and auxiliary decision-making
Advantages: high accuracy (10 kilometers away 4 x4 meters fire can start alarm).

Forest Fire Prevention System Topology

Under the condition of 3 g, can do live audio and video phone acquisition back cloud center, to provide backend command in the scene, at the same time, can adjust at any time according to the requirement of the headquarters, comprehensive on-site first-hand image data.

Alarm after the corresponding video can directly push to the command center at all levels and relevant personnel mobile terminals, lay solid foundation for the unit to work at all levels


Fire-Fighting Strategy

In the initial stage of the fire, a small-scale forest fire within one square kilometer can be directly extinguished by a aircraft carrying a multi-shot bomb for saturation attack.  

After spread of the fire, the aircraft carrier can carry a number of guided fire-fighting bombs to suppress the fire line accurately, forming a strip cover with the completion of the isolation belt in order to control or restraint of the fire spread.


Airborne launch, remote maneuverable, quick response, non-terrain constraints

Precise guidance, high precision of fire-fighting bomb launching , high-precision distribution of fire extinguishing agents

Customized R&D of new high-efficiency instant fire extinguishing agents, much better efficiency in comparison with dry powders and peptizer

Standarded Product, flexible configuration scheme, applicable to fire extinguishing of different users for different topography


Aircraft Platform Of Bomb




Fire Extinguisher

In recent years, a variety of advanced remote forest fire extinguishing equipment have been introduced and put into use. The forest fire extinguishing system has begun to develop toward high precision, large range, high dose and high performance. The use of aerial means to detect and extinguish forest fires is Recognized as the most effective treatment method, compared with the ground, it has the outstanding advantage of finding fire early, close to the fire and high fire extinguishing efficiency.

Using real-time remote sensing technology and precision guidance technology, we can:

• Satellite remote sensing platform and UAV real-time inspection, accurately locate the fire point, and use the remote sensing network to expand the inspection area
• Multi-shot with one machine to achieve multi-point strike
• Multi-unit network to achieve full coverage of forest areas
• After the fire treatment, satellite remote sensing platform and drone evaluation performance


Guided Fire-Fighting Bomb

launch altitude500 m~1000 m2000 m~8000 m
launch velocity20m/s~50 m/s0.1M~0.6M
launch Range100m~2000m2000m~10000m
extinguishant weight≥14.5kg≥220kg
coverage area≥200m2≥3000m2

The  guided fire-fighting bomb fills the warhead with high-efficiency instant fire extinguishing agent and adopts an advanced aerodynamic configuration, Guidance, Navigation & Control (GNC) algorithm, and fuse-warhead system to ensure its stable flight after launch as well as the accurate positioning of the targeted location.

With the advanced explosion model and structural design, the fire extinguishing agents can be spread at high efficiency which covering a large area of fire locations and achieving fast, effective and precise fire suppression.




With the development of society, urban high-rise buildings have become a common form of architecture. The high-rise buildings bring great challenges to fire rescue. Fire equipment is unable to arrive at fire location and control it quickly due to the high-rise buildings . In order to solve this problem, Bee Smart Life have researched and developed the fire fighting UAV ,It has ability of large payload, strong wind resistance and high precision dropping. It can also launch fire extinguishing projectile in a complex fire environment.  It’s a special fire fighting unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for high buildings, with the design of the foldable fuselage, the design of the super strong payload and anti tremor ability. It can quickly arrive at the high level fire field, observe the fire with high magnification camera, and launch the fire extinguishing projectile.

30 X optical zoom camera
Distance monitoring can observe all situations of the disaster

LIDAR ranging
Both obstacle avoidance and ranging protection

Maximum load of 15kg
Four axles eight OARS, heavy load

35 minutes of ultra- long battery life
Smart battery, long endurance   

Three-Proof performance IP65
Closed modular design

Night vision targeting system
Improve accuracy and rescue efficiency

Fire Extinguishing Bomb With Night Vision Targeting System

The ultra strong load and anti tremor design, with the high magnification telescope and the high frame rate night vision camera, have high launching precision. It can launch the fire extinguishing projectile accurately in the complex fire weather environment. The real-time target control points are displayed on the ground control points, which greatly improved the accuracy of shooting and improves the efficiency of rescue.

40 meters
Fire extinguisher maximum range

ABC Superfine Dry Powder
Extinguishing agent type

Covers An Area of 9 Cube Meters
Single-shooting area covering

Night Vision Targeting System
Cross aiming star

Safe & Fast Fire Extinguishing Tank

Quick Hanging Type
Installation method

4.8m Expansion Length
Minimum shrinkage to 1.2m

Net Content 3 kg
Single fire extinguishing tank content

Electronic Fast
Open mode


Symmetrical motor wheelbase1500 mm
Fuselage sizeunfold: 1150x1150x760 mm; fold: 650x650x760 mm
Max. Take off weight45 kg
PropellersDiameter X screw pitch: 30×9.9 inch; Single weight: 160 g
MotorKV value: 100rpm/V; size of the stator: 81×20 mm; Weight: 630 g
ESCSustained current: 80A; Battery: 6-12S; PWM input level signal: 3V/5V compatible; Compatible frequency: 50~500 Hz
BatteryVoltage: 45.6V; Capacity: 44000 mAh; Energy: 2006.4 Wh; Type: LiHV 12S; Discharge current: 25C
Max. Rising speed5 m/s
Max. Lowering speed3 m/s
Max. Horizontal fight speedSport mode: 8 m/s (windless); Attitude mode: 15 m/s (windless)
Max. Pitch angle25*
Max. rotational angular velocityPitch axis: 120 */s, Heading axis: 120 */s
Max. Bearable wind speed14 m/s
Max. Flight altitude5000 m
Max. Flight altitude (GPS)Vertical: ±0.5 m, Level: ±1.5 m (when GPS positioning is working normally)
Max. endurance35 mins

Fire Extinguishing Bomb

Length995 mm
Full Weight≤ 3000 g
Striking Current≥ 700 mA
Safe Current≤ 150 mA
Initial Emission Velocity≤ 35 m/s
Max. Range≤ 40 m
Single Fire Extinguishing Capability9 m3 (Total Flooding)
Fire Extinguishing AgentSpecies: ABC super fine dry powder; Weight: ≥ 1100 g
Features: Fully sealed, waterproof, moisture-proof and non-explosive
Delay Time For Extinguishing Agent Injection≥ 5 s
Life Of Firebomb3 Years

Fire Extinguishing Tank

Fire Extinguishing Tank MaterialHP295
Tank Weight8.7 kg
Net Dry Powder Content3 kg
Filling Pressure1.2 MPa
InstallationHang up fast
Open ModeElectronic fast
Powder Spraying PipeMaterial: Carton fiber; Length: unfold 4.8 m (minimum shrinkage is 1.2 m)

Fire Fighting Rocket Launcher Truck



High fire-fighting rescue height by launching fire extinguishing missile
breaking the bottleneck that the traditional mechanical fire- fighting equipment unable to put out fire higher than 100 m

Provides the operator much convenience and efficiency during operation
with high automation level, quick response, system pre- heating function during operation, one-key deployment automatically.

It reduces the time delay caused by personnel
and launches missiles far from the fire sites avoiding approaching the dangerous sites.

High integrated level, single-vehicle operation
system integrated power supply support and launching function. It permits one- operator single-vehicle independent operation with user-friendly interface.


Features low-signature “green” launching technology with no light, no smoke, no flame and low-noise.

Can be deployed quickly on the common city road.

Put out fires at 100m-300m height or ultra-high buildings, regardless the fires are on the outside wall surface or inside the buildings

Autonomous power supply and distribution system for the equipment.

Single-vehicle maneuverability, and able to carry 24 fire extinguishing devices

Supports single-shot or cluster-launch extinguishing device functions to significantly maximize the fire-fighting effectiveness.

Infrared night vision function and target detection function. It is able to not only shoot and record video of fire sites, but also evaluate the fire extinguishing effectiveness.

The function of autonomous leveling and maintaining the leveling accuracy.

Conducts self-check and fault isolation for the vehicular equipment.



Explosion-proof firefighting and scouting robot

Firefighting robot

Explosion-proof scouting robot

Explosion-proof scouting robot

Explosion-proof firefighting robot

Firefighting smoke-removal robot

Explosion-proof high expansion foam firefighting robot

Explosion-proof firefighting smoke exhaust reconnaissance robot

Underwater robot

Disaster area detection robot

Explosion-proof rail type inspection robot

Mine-used explosion-proof wheeled inspection robot

Explosion-proof wheeled inspection robot

Mine-used explosion-proof and intrinsically safe inspection robot

Integrated pipe corridor inspection robot

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot

Firefighting and scouting robot

Drilling robot

Pipe robot

Train braking examination robot


Explosion-proof fire detection robot:It is mainly used for fire fighting and investigation in various fields. Because of its explosion-proof and water-proof design, it is especially applicable to the toxic, harmful, inflammable and explosive environment such as petroleum, chemical industry and gas. It is of great significance to improve rescue safety and reduce casualties.Effective range of 88 meters, can drag two 60 meters long full of water to walk more than 70 meters;High temperature resistant design, with dual water curtain sprinkler cooling device;Equipped with HD wireless image transmission system, video monitoring can be implemented remotely;Strong obstacle climbing ability, able to climb obstacles at a large Angle;At the same time, with the on-site sound acquisition function, easy to understand the situation of the trapped personnel;Thermal eye detection can realize the detection and tracking of heat source through infrared thermal imaging.

Participated in the fire drill in the imperial palace in Beijing: On the scene, the fire fighting robot dragged hundreds of kilograms of fire hose, climbed the steps, and quickly reached the core area of the fire source taihe hall, successfully completing the tasks of fire fighting and cooling.

Self-weight 500 kg fire robot pull 8 tons of heavy fire truck, easy!

A fire broke out in a door and window factory. A large number of sponges, paints and other sundries were piled up on the site. The entrance roadway was narrow and the environment was complex.The local fire brigade dispatched an explosion-proof fire-fighting reconnaissance robot to take the place of the fire fighting personnel to arrive at the fire-fighting position, find out the situation in time, and quickly carry out fire fighting and rescue.

A paint factory warehouse burst into fire, the scene stored 500 a total of about 1 ton of paint filled with paint barrels, fire spread at any time explosion risk, fire personnel can not get close, the situation crisis!119 command center decisively mobilized three fire fighting robots to the rescue, after half an hour of intense fighting, the scene of open fire was all put out.

Fire Fighting Smoke-Removal Robot

Fire fighting smoke-removal robot:With smoke exhaust, fire fighting, air supply, cooling, dust removal, environmental detection, image acquisition, wireless information transmission and climbing over obstacles to walk, can replace the fire personnel safe and efficient handling of various accidents.It can be used in road (railway) tunnel fire, underground facilities and cargo yard fire, large span space fire, petrochemical oil depot and refinery fire, large area of gas and smoke fire fighting and other fields, also can be used for washing and elimination operations when hazardous chemical disasters and accidents cause relatively serious environmental pollution.With its own negative pressure water pressurization system, fire trucks long distance water supply, municipal fire hydrants and its own water tank can achieve the operation of fine water mist fire fighting.

Explosion-Proof High Expansion Foam  Fire Fighting  Robot

Explosion-proof high expansion foam  fire fighting  robot is designed and certified for flowing fire extinguishing in explosive environment, such as petrochemical refining, oil and fuel gas storage, and other chemical manufacturing, storage, transportation site, etc. The product consists of robot platform with foam generator, remote control panle. It will help the fireman crew improve the rescue safety and reducing casualties in the mission.

Firefighting Robot

Firefighting robot:With excellent dynamic performance and fire extinguishing performance, small size, easy to operate, fire water cannon compatible with the fire truck and municipal fire water system, is an indispensable part of micro fire station.

Integrated Pipe Corridor Inspection Robot System

Integrated pipe corridor inspection robot system:With the patrol robot as the core and the autonomous fire-fighting robot as well as the remote monitoring platform and data server, the continuous intelligent patrol, emergency fire alarm and disposal of the integrated pipe gallery environment and equipment can be realized.Explosion-proof, waterproof design, adapt to complex environment;With communication interface, it is convenient to integrate all kinds of testing instruments with standard communication interface to realize specific detection of special environment.