Bee Smart City System

Smart Tree poles have been used in thousands of cities in the world specially in China cities : Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Tianjin, Guangdong, Guangxi, Henan, Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Yunnan, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Fujian and others . Municipalities have more than 50 applications, serving thousands of smart cities, smart communities, characteristic towns, smart parks, beautiful countryside, and new rural areas. In the future, the company will further take root in Shanghai, serve the whole country, serve the world, and build a professional comprehensive service platform for the field of smart light poles.

Core Issues in Urban Development

Urban Core Issues

undefined High-Density Crowd Safety

undefined Personal & Property Safety

undefined Traffic Jam

undefined Environmental Pollution

undefined Unsustainable Development

Core Needs for Smart City Construction

Livable & Environmental Friendly

1- Real-time monitoring of natural meteorology, water quality, air quality, and noise status of trash cans.
2- Through big data analysis, help government departments better monitor, manage, and improve the urban environment to create a livable city.
3- Zhengtian Balyun, Qingshan, green water, air excellent and clean.

Safe & Orderly

1- Behavioral intelligent video monitoring to realize deterring crimes, investigating and evidence collection, and emergency dispatching functions.
2- One-click alarm in emergency situations, and solve emergency incidents through video intercom.
3- Real-time monitoring of manhole covers, fire equipment, and water accumulation in dangerous areas.
4- Get personnel locate in real time, get timely assistance when lost or in distress.

Shared Energy Saving

1- Share the city’s infrastructure such as poles, pipes, electricity, communications, etc. to improve efficiency and save costs.
2- Connect water, electricity, and gas meters to realize smart meter reading, timely discover leakage losses, and use Guiyuan efficiently and safely.
3- Intelligently control street lights and intelligently adjust lighting strategies for different scenarios.

Great Accessibility

1- Map online query, bus vehicle information query, travel guide, traffic guidance.
2- Connect parking spaces to the network, monitor and allocate parking spaces in real time, conduct parking guidance, and solve the problem of difficult parking.
3- Vehicle positioning, track playback, electronic map bar, reduce stolen vehicle.

Smart Street Light Application Scenarios

Functions of the Intelligent Pole

Wireless City

Wifi convenient Internet、4G/5G base station coverage

Inteligent Lighting

Switch control, status monitoring, automatic alarm

Public Broadcast

Emergency command, music playback

Inteligent Security

Face recognition, traffic monitoring, behavior analysis, intelligent linkage

IoT Base Station

Manhole covers, trash cans, pipe networks, water storage facilities, monitoring

Meteorological & Environmental Monitoring

Temperature, humidity, noise, wind speed, wind direction, light, barometric pressure, rainfall monitoring; CO, NO, NO2, SO2, O3, H2S, VOC, PM2.5 monitoring

LED Information Release

Public service announcements, emergency announcements, traffic guidance

Convenience Charge

New energy vehicle, mobile phone, electric vehicle charging

Convenient Information Interaction

Provide nearby traffic, business district information query and convenience taxi services

Emergency call

Dialogue, alarm and location in emergency situations

Parking Spots Indication

-Detect whether parking spaces are available

– Help parking meters enforce parking management

Public Wifi

Converged Management Platform

1. Interoperate with each operator’s network, manage equipment from various vendors, and integrate various networking methods.

2. Integrate government self-construction, operators, and commercial networks, and aggregate data from various networks for integration.

3.Integrate hard AC and soft AC architecture networks, integrate platforms to manage, operate and maintain equipment from various vendors.

4. Improve network operation capabilities and user satisfaction.

Converged Management Platform

Unified Certification App

1. The public Wifi unified authentication APP provides users with unified authentication services.

2. Scanning nearby hot spots and recommending the optimal network for connection.

3. One-time authentication of mobile phone numbers requires no repeated authentication.

4. Independent security monitoring and network speed measurement, safe and fast Internet access,

5. Implementations flow control, behavior norms and precise services.

IP Broadcast System

Creating a harmonious atmosphere (background music), business broadcasting (news, weather), emergency broadcasting (emergency evacuation)

Emergency Command

Broadcast and shout for emergencies to guide the evacuation of people.

Emergency Announcement Broadcast

Broadcast real-time notifications of severe weather, take measures to prevent floods, and communicate government announcements in a timely manner.

Holiday Music Playing

Play background music on holidays to render a festive atmosphere and increase the festive atmosphere.

Municipal Facilities Management System

The intelligent controller coordinates the linkage of  LED screen, sensors, cameras and other equipment to achieve on-site monitoring and on-site release and early warning.

Inteligent Trash Can

  • Identification: Each label has a unique identification ID for identification, and the APP enters the positioning
  • Dumping of The Trash Can: When the trash can is dumped, an alarm is issued
  • Overflow Monitoring: ultrasonic sensing, alarm when garbage reaches a certain level
  • Long life: 5 years battery life
  • Reliability: anti-water and anti-corrosion
  • Easy Construction: The sensor is easy to install and suitable for different types of trash cans
  • Cost Saving: use old trash cans

Inteligent Manhole Cover

  • Identification: Each label has a unique identification ID for identification, and the APP enters the positioning
  • Manhole Cover Tilting: Manhole cover tilting exceeds 15 °, alarm can be set
  • Instant Alarm: abnormal alarm delay is less than 5s
  • Long Life: 5 years battery life
  • Reliability: anti-water and anti-corrosion
  • Easy to Construct: The sensor is compact and can be glued into the lower part of the well cover for easy construction
  • Cost Saving: use old manhole cover

Control System of the Intelligent Lighting

undefined Intelligent Dimming

undefined Remote Control

undefined Real-Time Monitoring

undefined Automatic Warning

Customized lighting strategy based on latitude / longitude / season / month

Adjust lighting brightness by time

On-demand lighting, adjust lighting brightness based on time

Tighter control strategies, such as “Brighten up every other”

Light control adjustment based on environment (brightness, weather)

undefined Turn off lights during the day to avoid wasting energy
undefinedRainy weather, turn on the lights in time to improve safety

Smart Security

Artificial Intelligence

Face Recognition

Behavior Analysis

Traffic Statistics

Crowd Warning

Investigation & Control

Video Enrichment

Intrusion Detection

Hover Detection

Items Left Over

Video Occlusion

Tracking LinkageManual tracking, panoramic tracking
Event tracking; cruise tracking
Image EnhancementOptical wide dynamic, fog transmission, strong light suppression,electronic image stabilization, video diagnosis and optimization
Urgent HelpOne-button alarm, video intercom

Emergency Help System

The front-end equipment with a button call integrates 130W high-definition camera, supports dual network ports, supports center call front-end alarm box to realize remote information release, supports alarm lights to switch on and off regularly, and supports two-way voice intercom. It can realize the Public Security 110 network sharing for time alarm for help and video recording of monitoring points around the scene.

Provides faster and more effective services to the society while the police power remains unchanged, and effectively deter criminals and stabilize the public, and play a positive role in social stability.

Meteorological Environment Monitoring

Meteorological Monitoring

Atmospheric Temperature
Atmospheric Humidity
Soil moisture
Soil pH
Wind speed
Wind direction
Air pressure
UV intensity

Environmental Monitoring

Water Quality

Information Base Supply Side Design

Materialaluminum alloy, stainless steel


High set chute design

Complete, reserved for extension installation

Strong and weak electrical separation

Base insulating composite material

ssusion anti-graffiti anti-sticking coating

Resistance to 12 typhoons

Waterproof, insect-proof, dustproof

Anti-theft and lightning protection design

Wisdom Sharing Rod Design Ideas

1. Take a street light pole as a carrier

2. Share infrastructure such as poles, pipes, communications, and power

3. Establish a smart management platform to implement refined management of infrastructure energy / network / energy consumption / security / business

Parking Guidance

Empty parking space detection function
Empty parking space detection function
Self-service payment service

Data Architecture

Overall Program

Intelligent Pole Management Platform 

Edge Computing-Local Intelligent Linkage

One-Key Alarm Linkage

When a citizen encounters an emergency, they can press a nearby one-key alarm device on the nearby Intelligent pole, triggering the cameras on the same pole or other poles in parallel to record the situation on the scene and the broadcast and large-screen release related programs to deter the criminals.

Manhole Monitoring Linkage

When the manhole cover is washed away by rain or moved on the road, the monitoring on the nearby Intelligent pole can be immediately triggered to record the situation on the road, and the broadcast can be triggered to broadcast the program to remind the masses to pay attention to safety.

River Crossing Linkage

When citizens and tourists are close to the lake or river, they may have a risk of falling into the water. And this can immediately trigger the nearby monitoring and recording sites, then broadcast programs on large screens to prompt alarms. Also, the camera can automatically continue to track the follow-up behavior of cross-border personnel.

Smart Street Light Pole Shape Design

Light pole height: 8 ~ 12m
Light pole height: 8~12m
Light pole height: 8 ~ 12m
Light pole height: 8 ~ 12m

Light pole height: 8~12m

Transformation Plan for Stock Ploe

Light Pole Accessories

Mainly for  the upgrading from ordinary street lights to the Intelligent devices, which installed the Intelligent devices with small in size, light in weight, and small in number.

Removable Cabinet

To place intelligent gateways, photoelectric boxes, and fiber fusion boxes.

The Business Model of Intelligent Pole