Bee Smart Detection & Disinfection Scanners

BEE DT-610Disinfection Tunnel


One of the most important ways to prevent COVID-19 is to disinfect frequently. Usually, our disinfection method is hand disinfection. This simple way is not enough to kill the virus throughout our body. Therefore, an equipment that can disinfect the whole body is needed.

Bee Smart Life and his cooperator quickly developed a smart disinfection tunnel , with the belief that using technology to protect, reducing the risk caused by staff turnover, building confidence in everyone’s normal life, and going through this difficult period.



The disinfection equipment inside the booth

Stainless steel body

By heating the liquid

Anti-corrosion, Leak-proof, Easy to clean, Use in winter

Disinfection Water Process

Non-toxic, Non-polluted, Non-residual, safe to use

EOW was first developed by Japan in the 1980s. It was first used in the field of medicine because of its sterilization effect on MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus known as “superbug”). After years of research and practice, the advantages of EOW such as high sterilization efficiency, no residual toxicity after sterilization, harmless to the human body, no pollution to the environment, and environmental protection have gradually been accepted by people. At present, its preparation technology, sterilization mechanism and application in many fields are still a research hotspots.

UV lamp uses the UV ray emitted by the mercury lamp for disinfection. The efficiency of UV disinfection technology is far superior to other technologies, and it can reach 99% ~ 99.9%. The scientific principle of UV disinfection: It mainly acts on the DNA of microorganisms, destroys the DNA structure, and causes it to lose the function of reproduction and self-replication, to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

Technical Parameters

ColorRAL colors
MaterialsStainless steel , glass
Warranty2 years
PackingBubble film, stretch film , plywood
Package Sizeabout 3.7 cbm/ 700 kg
Installationwith wheels to move,  or screw to the ground

BEE DC304 – Disinfection Channel


Material: SS304

Size: 1300*1100*2000mm

Disinfectant: hcio hypochlorite disinfectant or drop Vanke disinfectant

Atomization capacity: 4kg /h

Silent waterproof fan

Nano spray

Hypochlorous acid disinfectant


Face recognition: The alarm will prompt in case a person is not wearing a mask.

Temperature detection: Intelligent over-temperature alarm.

Disinfection channel: Ultrasonic Nano-level atomization, 360-degree whole body disinfection.

Kill bacteria in oral cavity & respiratory

Intelligent alarm system

Infrared sensing long-range detection





Residential Quarters

Hotels & Restaurants

Banks & Government Agencies




Any place with dense & mobile personnel

BEE MTD01Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel


food-grade disinfectant

remote temperature alarm

it can be moved anywhere, anytime


The thermometry and disinfection integrated channel used for disinfection of body, pet, goods and other objects in public areas.

Simple, safe ,intuitive & accurate to judge whether there is an abnormal temperature of personnel.
A voice alarm for abnormal condition (temperature is higher than the set temperature).
The operation of this equipment is under intelligent control, no need for special skills to operate.

The equipment uses: Food-grade disinfectant, Automatic liquid feeding, Real-time display, Automatic reaction of entry and exit objects, Fog quantity and spray time can be adjusted, Equipped with casters, Convenient for mobile & rapid deployment, Eco-Friendly.

Body temperature measurement
& disinfection in 15 seconds!

Food-grade disinfectant

Remote temperature alarm

Ultrasonic atomization system

Stable control of disinfection level

System Disinfection of sole

Automatic liquid supplement

Waste liquid collection

Passage lighting

Universal wheel with break function



ModelUltrasonic disinfectant type
Thermometric disinfection type
DisinfectantFood-grade disinfectant
UsingHospitals, Schools, Communities, Factories, Supermarket, Scenic spots, Shopping malls, Stations, Airports, and other public spaces
Size2.2 x 1.2 x 2.4
Weight180 kg
NoiseLess than 36dB

Other Models

BEE DS-180Fast Passing Human Thermometry Gate


17 inch LED screen display
temperature measurement results visualization

Modular component design
convenient transportation and maintenance


Senseless temperature measurement
can pass the personnel face temperature test and personnel accurate matching test distance:0.3 m-0.5 m

Human body temperature screening
can be set through the safety temperature threshold, over the threshold, voice alarm, the establishment of the first line of defense

Support temperature detection
temperature detection accuracy ±0.3℃

Support face recognition
Product Library 2-50,000 Library

Recognition speed
face recognition and temperature detection are seconds

Supports automatic alarm function
automatic alarm for over-warning temperature & blacklist face

Supports voice broadcast function
support voice group personalized broadcast

Supports recording patterns
panoramas and feature maps, with SD cards and up to 100,000 images

Supports video feature
H.264 maximum size 1920*1080

Supports temporary QR code recognition

Supports advertising playback

Supports for secondary development

Technical Parameters


8 GB
Display Size6-14um
Display Resolution0.02℃
Working Wave Lengthwithin +-0.3
Non-contact infrared temperature measurement
Working DistanceSONY Starvis 1/2.8 ” line by line scan CMOS
0.01Lux@(F1.2,AGC ON)
Temperature Resolution1/80 second , 1/100,00second
6 mm alignment of M12 threads (can be adjusted according to usage scenario)
Body Temperature RangeSelf-adaption
Temperature Measurement AccuracyAuto-adjust
Temperature MeasurementNon-contact infrared temperature measurement
Dissemination Sensors0.3-0.5m
Lowest Illuminance35-45℃


Lens Interface1024Kbps~4Mbps
Day & Night ParametersH.264
Wide Dynamic25fps
Digital Noise ReductionExposure (shutter), gain, contrast, saturation, brightness adjustable, face exposure compensation
Time, point name
Body Temperature TestSupport


JPEG coding
Working Wave LengthPanorama, local close-up (successful comparison, failed comparison, failed comparison, composite picture)
1920*1080 (panorama)


Offline dynamic portrait recognition
Temperature ResolutionImage, Sex, Age Identification
1: N,1:1
Video TestingSupport
People Like a Library20000
Knowledge Do Not Rate≥99%
Speed of Identification£80ms
Face Recognition Distance1.0-3.0 m (need to be further or closer to replace lens implementation)
Under The Portrait VaultSingle picture, bulk picture, real-time capture picture import
Image StorageFeature map:100 000 stand-alone
Record ModePanorama Features:30,000 single-machine support
Type of ManagementPanorama, local close-up
Output ModeBlacklist, whitelist, temporary users
Trigger ModeWeigan 26/34/66, Relay
Secondary DevelopmentVideo Trigger


Support AgreementONVIF, TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, NTP, FTP, Serial Communication Protocol, Weigan Protocol, Site Real Name System
Storage FunctionBuilt-in 5GB Local Storage and Disconnection
Universal FunctionalityHeart rate, password protection, NTP


Communication Interface1 RJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port
Auxiliary CommunicationsOne rs-485, one USB2.0
Display Output1 channel MIPI_DSI HD video output
Trigger Input2 external trigger input, configurable as wigan input  
Trigger Output2-way switch output, configurable as wigan output
Audio Output2-way 1W speaker interface


Supply ElectricityDC  12V  2A
Merit Consumption≤8W
Working Temperature-30℃~+70℃
Working Humidity20%-90%
Size (mm)L*W*Thick142*278*36
Heavy QuantityAbout 40Kg
Product Channel Size1990*700*510mm

Size Dimension

BEE DS-160 – Safety System Of Human Body Temperature’s Measurement


Aerosol disinfection door

Matrix spray nozzle
360 º body no dead angle disinfection

Keywords electronic screen of lintel

Patented ion-exchange technology generated
large HCIO sterilized water solution, PH6.5 detected by national laboratory authority, effective sterilization, no toxic substances, no stimulation, no cytotoxicity

Integrated design, easy to use


Imported thermal infrared imaging probe
high sensitivity, high pixel, high resolution & plane array imaging 

Fast speed
normally, slowly walk through, face side indicator, passing rate ≈40~60 people/minute

Prevention of missed inspection 
the product is designed to ensure that the subject can’t avoid the probe and the inspection.
Up and down sliding guide, can be adjusted according to the height of the monitored object

Irradiation angle
large area conical fan type

normal temperature- Green Light
temperature above ≥37.3 ºC – Red Light Alarm

Extension function
USB interface, thermal image, computer connection & display, network connection (customizable)

Positioning system
by ultrasonic microwave tracking personnel through the real-time location

Technical Parameters

Work Temperature– 25 ºC  ~ 55 ºC  
Working VoltageAC220V,50HZ
Working Humidity95%,non-condensation
Temperature Range25℃~ 48℃
Temperature Measurement Error±0.5℃(indoor temperature)
Consumption Of Disinfectantfully open 8L/ h (customers can choose half of the channels to open according to the crowd)
Tank Capacity16 L
Dilution Ratio Of Sterilizer Stock Solution1:2 , 1:3(According to the flow of people )
Weight78 Kg
Rate700 W
Product Size1150*2149*400mm

Size Dimension

BEE DS-110 Human Body Temperature Security System


Door body material
the exterior uses the baking paint PVC, and the door body upper and lower has the wear-resistant foot cover, corrosion-resistant, anti-corrosion.

Password protection settings
only enter the correct password, to modify the program and sensitivity and other parameters set, factory default password, users can freely set the password within 4 digits.

Built-in self-diagnostic procedures
self-test boot, error automatically prompted

Panel Setting
4 quick debug buttons on the debug panel for each parameter setting

Quick Setting
According to different places can be quickly set such as the court, station, airport, prison and other working parameters.

Adjustable alarm time
the alarm time can be adjusted 1 ~ 3 seconds

Composite circuit design
infrared scattering device, fast induction, can reduce false positives and omissions, automatic statistics of alarm times, through the number of people. 

Strong resistance craft
strong impact resistance and collision resistance in the state of no one passing, standby normal operation, not affected by external factors

Modular design
modular design, easy to install, easy to troubleshoot

Microprocessor technology
electromagnetic wave generated by microcomputer control circuit, scanning rate can be precisely controlled Through the control panel according to the needs of the program Settings, to ensure that the sensitivity Settings have flexibility, reliability, stability.

Restore factory settings
it can quickly restore factory Settings to solve the abnormal work caused by improper settings.

Random collocation of various hardware
GPS positioning, emergency battery, alarm capture, face recognition and brake linkage optional.


Accurate temperature measurement
temperature measurement range 0 to 99 ºC,
accurately measure the body temperature and displayed by LED,
set temperature alarm threshold, output exceeds the threshold alarm signal (producer threshold is 37.3 ºC)

Accurate positioning
the left and right sides are divided into six overlapping network detection areas, which can accurately locate the detected object and visually display the position of the target object

Temperature display
the current environment temperature is displayed when no one passes, and the human body temperature is displayed when someone passes

Go through the number of alarm statistics function real-time display through the number of alarm

Number of people and the number of alarm statistics Number of statistics reached 4 digits, that is, the cumulative statistics can reach more than 9,000

Adjustable sensitivity
6 consecutive areas from top to bottom, each with 100 sensitivity levels (0-99) , which can be adjusted to the appropriate sensitivity according to the detection requirements

Adjustable overall sensitivity
0 ~ 99 adjustable overall sensitivity

Serial communication
reserved data communication interface, can be connected to the computer network. (later upgrade)

Digital pulse technology
with digital signal processing filter system, has excellent anti – electromagnetic interference ability

Magnetic field emission technology
in accordance with the current international safety standards, the use of weak magnetic field technology, heart pacemaker wearing, pregnant women, floppy disk, film, video and other harmless

Technical Parameters

Work Power Supply220V / 50HZ
Real Power Consumption10 W
Signal Frequency5.9 Hz – 8.0Hz
Installation Of ThermometerFlushbonading
Temperature Measurement WayNon-contact
Sensor TypeTwo sole of high precision infrared sensors
Inspection Time<1 second
Temperature Range0~99℃
Temperature Measurement Error<0.5℃
Display ModeLED display mode
Signal Transfer OutputThe sensitivity of each region is adjustable from 0 to 99, alarm threshold can be set, and alarm signal can be output
SensitivityThe sensitivity of each region is adjustable from 0 to 99
Frequency12 Frequency band – Optional
The Alarm Time1~3Second is adjustable
Number of Detected Locations6
Operating Ambient Temperature5℃~40℃(indoor)
Tank Working Environment HumidityNo condensation occurs below 100%
The Channel SizeH 1990(mm)* W 700(mm)* D 510(mm)
Boundary DimensionH 2230(mm)*W 800(mm)* D510(mm)

BEE BT-600Body Temperature Scanner with disinfection machine in public place


Temperature measuring door post disinfection machine uses high-precision infrared temperature sensor, the sensing distance is 0-15cm, with high precision and high resolution, immune to the environment and sunlight, small interference, measurement error +- 0.1C at room temperature. The initial temperature setting is 37.3C (adjustable).

When the detection door is working, it will display an alarm when the detected actual body temperature exceeds 37.3C. After the pedestrian measures the temperature, they can reach into the sterilizer and drop the disposable disinfection solution automatically after sensing, so as to achieve the disinfection effect and prevent the virus in their hands from being constantly transmitted.

Suitable for stations, hospitals, schools, banks, office buildings, army courtyards, office halls of various institutions, residential quarters, large factories, and vegetable markets.

Function Diagram

Temperature Measurement Effect

Technical Parameters

Work Temperature– 20 ºC  ~ 45 ºC  
Temperature Measurement Range– 20 ºC  ~ 400 ºC  
Temperature Measurement Error±0.1℃
Pass Rate1.5 seconds per person (average data)
Working voltage3.3 ~ 5V, working current: 5mA
Working powerAC110-220V, 50 / 60HZ
Disinfection solution1L as standard, 1000 persons / time
Power< 20W
Net Weight30 Kg
Dimensions1850mm (height) x 150mm (width) x 330mm (depth) Material: 304 stainless steel
Waterproof RatingIP55

Size Dimension

Device Installation

The installation of this equipment is very simple. It is recommended to choose an environmental area where the room temperature does not exceed 30 degrees and the low temperature does not fall below -10 degrees;
After selecting the installation area of the device, fix the device at the bottom and plug it in and use it.

Note: Please choose a level ground to install the equipment to prevent the equipment from tilting; the bottom must be fixed firmly to avoid falling down.


Power On

Plug in the power supply (this product is powered by AC 220V), touch the power button on the monitor for about 6 seconds, and after you hear the “Didi Didi” four beeps, the display is completed.

Start The Temperature Measurement

When the device is turned on, or the device is in the standby state, you need to start the temperature measurement. You only need to use the hand or forehead to irradiate the temperature in the temperature measurement area. When you hear a “drop”, the display turns on. The temperature measurement function has been started


Pedestrians enter the detection range and bring their foreheads close to the detection area (5-20CM). When they hear a “drop” from the device, the detection is completed and takes 1-2 seconds; the detection results will appear immediately on the display.


When the device does not perform temperature measurement for more than 60 seconds, the display of the device will go out, and the device’s temperature measurement function will enter the standby state


This equipment is equipped with an automatic induction disinfection machine. When the pedestrian detection result is normal body temperature, the pedestrian puts his hand under the automatic induction disinfection machine, the hands from bottom to top, the automatic induction disinfection machine drips the disinfection solution, and the pedestrian can leave after.

Matters Needing Attention

Do not measure for a while or immediately after breastfeeding

Do not use in a temperature less environment

Do not drink, eat or exercise before or during the measurement

If there is dust, hair or sweat on the temperature measuring probe, please wipe it with alcohol or disinfectant immediately

Don’t leave the temperature measurement area when you don’t hear the “drop” sound at the end of the measurement

Please try to measure in the specified measurement area