The Bee Smart Garbage System is an intelligent waste sorting and recycling machine, it  is an important transformation of the garbage collection scene. , it sets up metal, plastic, textile, bottles, paper, glass and other waste recycling bins.

The “Internet of Things + Recycling” method is used to set up a recycling machine with positioning function in the community or other public areas.

Users can use the BSGS Mobile App to find nearby recycling machines, then put Garbage on spot, and sort by yourself.

Effective Data Collection

Big data operation platform

Through the analysis of big data of garbage recycling, user management, and supervision of intelligent recycling equipment , BSGS has built a set of intelligent recycling system of the entire ecological chain. Among them, the user management system can centrally manage the data of users participating in garbage classification and analyze user behaviors. This method of full coverage of big data makes garbage classification supervisable and enables traceability of garbage classification.

BSGS Recycling Program

Separate Recycling Principle

Set up smart waste sorting and recycling bins at the main entrances and exits in the closed community in accordance with the principle of convenience, and put them in a proportion of 500 to 1,000 human settlements, and more than 1,000 households can increase the number of recycling sites according to specific conditions;

Relevant departments, designated communities and designated locations set up intelligent waste separation and recycling bins;

Cooperate with relevant departments in the form of garbage classification projects in communities, office buildings, schools, institutions, communities, etc. for recycling.

Residents’ Trading Methods

Adopt paid recovery methods, mainly according to market prices for waste plastics, waste paper, waste textiles, waste glass, waste metal, etc.

Recycling Bin Settings

Recycling bins are set up by professional staff appointed BSGS and placed in batches according to the location of the competent department; during the operation, full-time recycling staff and professional recycling vehicles are regularly unpacked for recycling or recycled on time according to different volumes.

Operational Means

Ensure that BSGS intelligent waste sorting and recycling bins fully cover the residential areas of the city. Residents can scan the QR code on the box and follow the recycling process demonstration map, enter the mobile phone number to open an account, and achieve offline unpacking delivery. Trading, after the transaction funds are received, you can withdraw through the BSGS app.

Through paid garbage collection, residents are encouraged to consciously sort waste.

At the same time, the garbage classification community is equipped with a garbage classification supervisor to guide residents to correctly use the operating system and supervise the garbage classification of the community.

( BSGS ) Features of Smart Recycler

Automatic Identification

Inside the box is equipped with an intelligent vision module, which can intelligently identify and feedback the garbage to each service delivery; you can also check the garbage type at any time through the mobile app.


The box is equipped with a GPS positioning module. After the product is installed, the smart device is turned on. Service can automatically obtain the specific location information of the product. The user can find the corresponding bin location through the mobile phone app.

Outdoor Waterproof

The overall design of the product has a waterproof structure. When placed directly outdoors, the water proofness of the sealing strip can better protect the safe operation of the electronic treasures inside the box.

Intelligent Weighing

It can intelligently weigh each delivered garbage and feed it back to the service treasure; you can also check the weight of the garbage at any time through the mobile app. When the garbage inside the box is overweight, you can notify the relevant personnel through the mobile app push or automatic message sending function.

Automatic Disinfection

An ozone generator is added to the plastic waste bin. The system controls the ozone time to sterilize for 20 minutes every day at 2:00 in the morning. Plastic delivery cannot be performed within 55 minutes of the disinfection process, and other types of boxes are normally placed.

Anti-Pinch Hand

When the gate is in the closed state, if the user’s hand is placed on the lower side of the gate, the motor will stop working after the gate touches the hand, and the gate will stop closing to prevent harm to personnel.

Camera Monitoring

24-hour real-time monitoring to avoid security risks when users deliver, and the recorded video can also be used as a traceability basis for honest transactions.

Night Lighting

LED lights are added on the top of the device, and the system turns on auxiliary lighting at 17: 30-07: 00 every day, which is convenient for citizens to put out garbage at night.

Temperature Warning

Real-time monitoring of the ambient temperature in the warehouse. When the temperature reaches 35 degrees, the lower computer automatically turns on the fan to cool down, and automatically turns off when it returns to 30 degrees.

Full Load Warning

The two sides of the box are equipped with warning lights corresponding to the entrances. When the trash can is fully loaded, the corresponding warning lights are on.

Face Recognition

It is equipped with a face recognition device.

Bee Smart Garbage Machine Models



The Bee Smart Bottle Machine is an intelligent bottle recycling machine, it  is an important transformation of the garbage collection scene.

BSBM Recycling Program

Step 1 : Insert Bottle

Step 2 : Scanned To Recycling

Step 3 : Bottle Is Crushed

Step 4 : Printed Voucher

Bee Smart Bottle Machine Models



The Bee Smart Clothes Books Machine is an intelligent machine , it  is mainly used to collect used clothes , shoes , Books . After Collecting will be transfer to aid associations to sort them and send to poor people .

Bee Smart Clothes Books Machine Models