Background & Terahertz  Technology

Serious International Anti-Terrorism Situation

911 Events
London subway attacks
Sri Lanka bomb attacks 2019

Traditional Security Check Methods

Handheld Metal Scanner
Metal Detect Gate
X-ray Baggage Machine
Manual Search

undefined Not valid for non-metal

undefined Unable to save security information

undefined Lack of respect for privacy

undefined Unable to ensure the safety of staff

undefined Low speed

New Security Check Technologies

X-ray backward scatter

undefined High resolution
undefined Need personnel to comply with, low efficiency
undefined Ionizing Radiation
undefined Banned by US & EU

Active millimeter technology

undefined High resolution
undefined Need personnel to comply with, low efficiency
undefined Electromagnetic Radiation
undefined Suitable for small passenger flow

Passive terahertz technology

undefined No need personnel to comply with, High Efficiency
undefined Intelligent
undefined Non-Radiation
undefined Suitable for large passenger flow

About Terahertz

Revolutionary Technology in Security Check Area

Terahertz is a special Electromagnetic Wave

Frequency : 1011-1013Hz

Terahertz imaging principles and advantages

TeraSnap is the state-of-the-art visualized human body security check equipment utilizing passive terahertz imaging technology.

Terahertz can penetrate many dielectric materials such as clothing. By passively receiving the terahertz waves emitted by human body and with data processing, a 2D terahertz intensity map of the body is generated. When objects are concealed under clothes, contrasts are displayed at the corresponding locations on the intensity map due to the different absorbability of the objects to terahertz waves, thus the existence and shapes of the objects are identified.

System Solution

Terahertz Comprehensive System Solution

Terahertz Human & Luggage Security Check Solution

THZ body detector, X-ray luggage machine, Face recognition system, ID identification system could be integrated depend on customer’s  need.

Multi-Modal Data Collecting

Artificial Intelligence Technology Integration

Big Data Integrated Alarm

Information Display Layer

Centralized Display Control
On Site Display Control
Mobile Terminal Push
Timely disposal

Business Application Layer

Platform Management Application

Information ManagementWarning and disposal feedback Visualization

Big Data Analysis Application

Correlation AnalysisPlatform construction,

Comprehensive Scoring, Report Generation

Application Platform

Equipment Management,Customs Management Platform Data Exchange ,Other Interfaces

Information Processing Layer

Terahertz Imaging
Face Recognition
Micro-expression Recognition
X-ray Imaging
MMW Imaging
Big Data Analysis

Information Collecting Layer

THz detector
HD Camera
X-ray Machine
MMW Body Scanner
Data support layer
Customs Big Data

TeraSnap Series Products

Radiation Free

Real-time Imaging



Typical Setup

Terahertz Imaging

Abdomen (Gun Model)
Back (Machete Model)
Back Pocket (Water 300ml)
Outside Of Right Leg (Flour)
Left Leg (Aluminum Foil)

Ability To Detect Various Kinds Of Objects

Ceramic Knife
Suicide Vest

TeraSnap Products

A- TeraSnap B01 Host


Radiation Free


Resolution2 cm
Imaging Time2 s
Size155cm x 60cm x 95cm
Temperature Range-20 -40C

B/C- TeraSnap B02,B03 Host

Real-time imaging

High efficiency

TeraSnap B02

High Resolution

Frame Rate: 10 F/S
Power Consumption: 200w
Resolution: 2 cm
Size:120 cm × 82 cm × 175 cm

TeraSnap B03

Smaller Size

Frame Rate: 10 F/S
Power Consumption: 300w
Resolution: 3 cm
Weight: 150kg
Size:81 cm × 64 cm × 129 cm

D- Truck-mounted Security Check Station

High Mobility

Flexible Deployment


Integrated with many security check technologies

Based on customer’s requirement, it is able to integrate Terahertz Body Detector, X-ray Baggage Machine, Face & ID Comparison System, etc.

Turn-around Personnel Screening Solution

360º Inspection


Easy Deployment

It is applicable to key places or places with small passenger flow

E- Intelligent Walk-through Personnel Screening Solution

Walk-through Design



Unconscious  Inspection

It is applicable to places with large passenger flow

F- Stand-off People Screening Technology


TeraSnap Mini is a cutting-edge high-speed people screening solution. Using patented passive terahertz technology, TeraSnap Mini is uniquely capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic threats including weapons, explosives and contraband items that are hidden under clothing at distances up to 8 meters.

Unlike other detection systems on the market, TeraSnap Mini unobtrusively screens individuals for concealed threats from a distance without direct contact, gives users rapid access to visual information to improve situational awareness and reduce the response time to react to potential threats.

Customized Integrated Security Check Solution

Walk-through Solution

Customized Integrated Security Check Solution

Turn-around Solution

Customized Integrated Security Check Solution

Ceiling-mounted Solution

H- Millimeter Wave Personnel Screening Device (Coming soon)


Active, High Resolution, Strong anti-interference capability,ATR

Mature Technology : Three-Dimensional Holographic Imaging Technology
Suitable Environment : Working Temperature -10~45℃ Small Space needed:Size D1.6m*H2.60m
Clear Imaging:Resolution 3mm
High Screening Speed:6~12 person/min

Application  case

Shanghai Metro Station

Guangzhou Metro Station

Beijing Metro Station

Changsha Train Station


Layered Security Check——Reinforce the construction of peripheral prevention system

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Important Venue, Custom & Border Control

Border Inspection Station

Hundreds of cases of beef and mutton smuggling were detected.

A large number of electronic components were seized.