BUVL1 – Bee UV Disinfection Lamp

BUVL2- Bee UV Disinfection Lamp

BUVL3 – Bee UV Disinfection Lamp

Short UV Sterilization Lamp

Wide Range

Quick Results

No Residue

Disinfection and Antiepidemic

UVC UV disinfection

New generation ultraviolet germicidal lamp for disinfection thoroughly

3 Levels of Disinfection Time

After the disinfection time is selected, the disinfection lamp will automatically turn on after 10 seconds and close automatically after disinfection.

Sterilization Time

Usage AreaUse spaceUsage Time
10 SquareKitchen, bathroom, wardrobe15 minutes
20 SquareLiving room, private room30 minutes
40 SquareLiving room, dining room, office60 minutes

Use Everywhere in The House

Product Parameters

ModelSmart UV disinfection lamp
Irradiation Area40m2 within
Body Size430*170mm
Light Stand MaterialFull metal lamp holder high-temperature baking matte surface
Tube MaterialQuartz UV lamp
UV Start Delay10 seconds delay after startup

Switch light comparison chart

Let you understand the disinfection lamp more intuitively

BUVL4 – Bee UV Disinfection Lamp

Effectively kills virus including coronavirus

UV Germicidal Lamp



Remote Control

Timer Function

UV Tube + Ozone

What is Ozone?

At the normal temperature, ozone is a light blue gas with a special odor. It has very powerful sterilization and deodorization. Can kill bacterial, germ, mold, dust mites and other harmful microorganism also can remove bad color, such like cooking odors, musty, smoky, urine, dirty sock syndrome, etc…

How does this bulb produce ozone?

This bulb will emits a kind of 185nm wavelength UV-C light, which will lonize air to produces ozone, the larger the area illuminated by the bulb, the more ozone is produced.

Can people stay in room when the bulb is working?

No, people/pets must leave the room when the bulb is working because the underavle smell of ozone will cause uncomfortable to the respiratory tract of the human body. In addition, the strong UV-C light also will hurt people’s eyes and skin if they dont leave.

Will ozone disappear after turning off the bulb?

Ofcourse, in general, ozone has a half-life (half of an hour), just need wait 30-90 minutes, it will decompose itself into oxygen and can’t smell anymore.
But its decomposition rate is also affected by room temperature and ventilation. If it is at a low temperature, it may take longer to wait, such as 1-3 hours.

How ozone break down Odor/Formaldehyde, etc.

3 Time Options

Automatic Shutdown After Disinfection

Product Specification

Use Cases

BUVL5 – Bee UV Disinfection Lamp

Ultraviolet Disinfection is More Comprehensive

Wide Range

Be Quick

No Residue

High Power Ultraviolet disinfection Lamp Car





With Ozone, Degerming effect is better

Ozone can fill the whole room without being affected by obstacles.

In the absence of ozone, places where ultraviolet rays cannot be emitted are not sterilized.

Multiple Usage